After 1 week of eating minimal amounts and vomiting, Matthew is also feeling better. I can tell because he has re-kindled his love affair with Mac & Cheese. Over the past month he has gone from a kid who preferentially asked of M&C when we went out to dinner (cuz of sensory and feeding issues) to obsessively loving M&C. He has taken to putting a TON of ketchup on top of it and several times in the past months had two bowls at restaurants!

I know he is feeling better if he asks for M&C. Last night I got home at 9:15 after giving a lecture at a meeting of a local adoption agency about health issues in international adoptees. We had stopped for McD’s happy meals on the way home and he ate most of his hamburger and fries before I left but was still asking for me to make M&C later. I told the babysitter she could make it for him but neglected to tell her where the boxes were…

…so at 9:15, I was making M&C and he ate about 1/4 of the box at 9:30. Tonight we had left-overs and he ate a huge bowl and just asked me if he could have more…Won’t be satisfied with pudding or another sweet…wants M&C. UGH. but at least he is eating!

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