Friday we went to Walmart to pick up ANOTHER pair of glasses for Matthew. We have gone thru 3 pairs since March. I initially bought a pair at the ophthalmologists office. These broke within a month. Before I found out they had a replacement policy for a year, I went to a local “4 Eyes” and bought him 2 more pairs (they also have a replacement policy – for everything except them being completely lost!). So for a “brief” time we had 3 pairs.

Then at the beginning of the summer, I picked him up from daycare and a pair had been taken off of him for swimming and were no where to be found! When we left for our vacation in early July, another pair were lost at daycare (they were found while we were on vacation!).

The last day of our vacation, we lost a pair at Water Country USA…UGH. But at least we had the pair the daycare had found!

Right before our most recent vacation, the remaining pair were broken so I had to call to get a replacement frame. They (of course) weren’t ready by the time we left so he went without them for nearly 2 weeks. Friday when we got back, I picked up the replacement frames and ordered a new pair from Walmart.

By Wednesday, he couldn’t find the one pair that we had (fixed and picked up the friday before!).

This thursday when I went to pick him up at daycare, he had the pair that were lost in June on his head…and no idea where they came from!!!! His teacher is leaving at the end of the summer and I suspect they have been cleaning the room and found them.

Saturday while cleaning I found the original pair…So now we have 3 pairs again!

Anyone have any ideas of how to superglue glasses to behind someones ears??????

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