Maine Vacation (part 1)

Well, we are finally home from the longest vacation I have taken in over 15 years. By the time I go back to work on Monday, we will have been away for 13 days and nights. It was alot of together time for me and the kids and overall, we had a blast and made some great memories.

Part 1: Aunt Jean’s House on Long Island…

We left at 4:00 in the morning on Tuesday and headed up to NY. The kids were excited and didn’t go back to sleep immediately but we had everything packed to make the trip smooth and the early morning departure cleared the way for almost no traffic.

After two stops for breakfast and potty, we made it there just at noon. The rest of the day was spent resting and playing outside in her back yard. She has a nice swimming pool and we all got to cool off in it. Jean is babysitting at another house while she is pursuing licensure for her babysitting business so we had the house and yard to ourselves (with occasional visits from her 3 oldest kids).

There is definately some hero-worship going on between the boys and Jean’s oldest Tom. He was nice enough to take them into the pool and play with them and then to let them use his Nintendo (and to pleasantly listen to their constant harping about wanting to play with the Nintendo)!

Instead of driving to Maine the next night, we had to stay at Jean’s as my dad was not going to be at the house in Maine on Wednesday and didn’t want to leave the key for us. On Wednesday Jean left her two younger kids with us instead of taking them to her babysitting job. Joey is one month younger than Riley so the boys are all very much into the same things. Delaney is 3 so a year older than Logan but they played really well together.

Thursday we left Jean’s in a caravan (her family and ours) to Maine. The highlight of the trip was the ride on the Cross Sound Ferry (which took 2 hours off of the trip and gave the kids some time to run around instead of being cramped in the car. I don’t know why I never did it before, it was great!

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