Vacation #1 (Part 2)

As promised, this entry has several pictures of our vacation to the Outer Banks. I (silly mom) forgot to bring my camera so only have a few from my cell phone. My friend Wendy’s dad (who stayed with us recouperating from a recent MI) took some which he is supposed to email me…who knows when that will happen.

So, here is Matthew in the 3 foot area of the swimming pool (no floats). Once he decided that he wasn’t going to drown, he did pretty well. Even putting his face in and his head under a couple of times!
Here is Riley in the same pool – showing off his swimming technique. By the end of the week, he was swimming 2-3 strokes underwater and doing a mean “doggie paddle”.
Here are Logan and Matthew on the front deck of our condo. All of us enjoyed the sun…
Of course, we did get on each others nerves a little but everyone survived…

…to make it home alive, a little sunburnt, a little tired, a little cranky but happy!

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