Well, we are home from the first vacation of the summer. This will be an unusual year for me since I have scheduled myself for 2 vacations over the summer with the kids.

My friend Wendy had rented 2 condo’s with her time-share points for the week of July 4th and asked us to come with her to the Outer Banks in N.C. We left on Saturday and with the exception of some slow traffic which made the 3 hour ride into a 5 hour ride, made it without a hitch.

The weather was beautiful! Sunny, hot but not excessively humid. The condo was great…connected to Wendy’s but she (and we) were able to get some private time too.

All 3 kids found their “water” balance with Matt and Riley starting to do some doggie paddle in the shallow (3 feet or less) part of the pool without a life preserver and Logan learned to keep her head out of the water and actually swim with a life preserver on. Matthew got over his phobia of drowning (thank god!!!) and was doing a great job both with and without the L.P.

Yesterday we came home a day early to spend some time with Jean and her brood. It was great. I love her family. we went to Busch Gardens for about 3 hours and then went across town to Water Country. the kids had a great day and were so tired (no naps for everyone) that they fell asleep by 8 pm and stayed asleep for the rest of the night.

Now the hard part starts…unpacking. We’ve emptied the care but the kids are too excited to do anything much else. It is now lunch time and I’m hoping we can do quiet time and then go to the local neighborhood pool.

Will post pictures from the vacation later in the week when I can get them from Wendy’s dad’s camera – He was the only one who thought to bring one…though I have a few pictures in my cell phone!

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