We have had an unusual week this week with regard to eating. That is, my non-eater M. has been eating as if he hasn’t seen food in his life. I told last weekend about the twinkie incident. Well, the box of twinkie’s was gone by the end of Monday…2 more (one as a snack in the morning and one as a snack when we got home from daycare). Tuesday I had a cocktail reception I had to attend and so I had a babysitter here. I had given her instructions to let the kids have these rocket popsicles that they like – outside! When I got home around 9 pm, the kids were all having a snack of Lance crackers. M. proceeded to finish that package and eat another one before the babysitter left and then cried when i wanted to put him to bed because he was still hungry. Tonight, I had bought a bunch of snacks for the kids for vacation. M has eaten 3 individual bags of mini-oreo cookies and 1 1/2 of these hostess chocolate frosted cake things with cream fillings. And he had done pretty good with the chicken and dumplings for dinner too!

I don’t know if this is a true breakthrough or if he just hasn’t been eating at the daycare and just is saving all of his eating for home. Hopefully he will gain some weight this summer. I’m aiming for a whopping 36 pounds (at 6 year check up!) – that would be 4 pounds this year. The last time I weighed him on the bathroom scale he was 35 so it is within reach.

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