Lazy Sunday

We had a party yesterday celebrating the end of the year for the graduating MedPed residents and welcoming the incoming ones. I have had this party at my house virtually annually since I moved into this house. It is interesting how it has changed and evolved over the years. This year we had the big Banzai Falls water slide set up and about 7 kids who were jumping and having a good time.

Later in the day one of the rising 2nd year residents did take a few turns down the slide. The weather was beautiful – warm but not too humid and with a nice breeze. Overall a great day for my (last) party as MedPed director.

Today the kids all slept a little later than usual. L didn’t wake up till 7:30 – 8:00; Mommy got to stay in bed too…and M slept until almost 9:00. The kids have been having a low profile morning and it is turning out to be a lazy Sunday. I was hoping it would stay that way – but with my three, there is no way that I get a freebie.

This afternoon turned out to be quite an adventure. I think that the fatigue was setting in. I (finally) got L to bed for nap around 2 pm and then the boys were playing with their bed tents and I had to kick them out onto the porch because they couldn’t stop arguing. During this, M had a breakthrough. He asked for a snack and went into the garage where I keep them. I thought he would pick some ritz bits ( or hitz bits) as he calls them but instead he returned with a twinkie. Now those of you who know how we struggled with M’s food aversion and texture issues will be cringing at that! But, if he wanted to try it…who was I to argue about 200 calories for my skinny boy. Well, amazing me in more ways than one, he absolutely stuffed it into his mouth and made these funny lip smacking sounds. Then, asked if he could have another! Bottom line is that he had 3 of them within 15 minutes!!! Later he said to me…I’m hungry today mom…who would have thought that a simple commonplace statement could bring a grown woman to tears.

Here’s to that wonderful creation of cream and cake! THE TWINKIE!

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  1. yay matthew!!!! you go boy! im right there with you, with the twinkie thing! so..lets try HO-HOs now!!! wonderful site, sue! hugs, beth


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