Early Risers…

My son R. is and always has been an early riser – since he was a baby, he has woken up at between 5:30 and 6:00 every morning.  I’ve tried sending him to bed later to no avail.  

Unfortunately, he gets into trouble when he is up alone and it has been a constant struggle over the last several years.  My friends have all heard about the days he has gotten up and eaten more food than someone can eat in an entire day…or the day he wanted fruit snacks so much that he locked me out of the house to get them (when he was 3 years old).  
We have tried various ways to get him to behave…you can’t get up until there is a 6 on my digital clock (once he got up when it was 3:36 am…because there was a 6!)…you can’t get up until the sun is high in the sky…he didn’t understand that.  
Lately he has been doing better.  I leave out an apple or something good for him to eat and he is content to watch the disney channel for about half an hour until I get up.  Today he came into my room around 5:40 and asked if he could go downstairs…so I said yes.  
Next thing I know, it is 6:12 and he walks into my room talking about what he will do at his daycamp today…and I am confronted with this…

First…I screamed…then I took him into the bathroom mirror to see what he had done and then I told him I would have to shave his head…Next he screamed, and cried saying everyone would laugh at him with his head shaved and I told him everyone would laugh at him with the stripe going down it.

Later when I was calm, I asked him why he had taken out the clippers.  After the usual…I don’t know’s…he said…
“Well, you should’ve hidden the clippers in the garage”

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  1. I am glad you left a comment on my blog about the glasses. I am enjoying your blog. Do yo mind if I add it to my blogroll?


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